Shop N Discount-Bikit Guard Anti Mosquito Clip
Shop N Discount-Bikit Guard Anti Mosquito Clip

Bikit Guard Anti Mosquito Clip

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(1) Convenient to utilize

(2) Long enduring (up to 3 months)

(3) Water opposition

(4) Formula is extricated from common plants. Non-poisonous and non-disturbing

(5) Suitable for babies and pregnant ladies

Who can utilize? - New conceived babies, kids, pregnant ladies, and all matured grown-up.

How to utilize?

(1) Simply wear at the closest part where the skin is uncovered at the edge of sleeves, shoelace, visor of top or cap, pocket, knapsack.

(2) Effectiveness can last up to 2-3 months.

(3) When not being used, keep it into its unique zipper sack. (can keep as long as 1 year) (4) Will get increasingly successful with at least 2 Bikit Guard.

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